Acrylic 56oz Juice Jar

Acrylic 56oz Juice Jar  $14.95

56oz capacity. Serve your juice in this carafe at breakfast, just like your favorite restaurant. This high quality, crystal…

Acrylic Jug | 2.4L

Acrylic Jug | 2.4L  $27.95

Durable swirl acrylic glass can never lose its elegance. Suited for indoor and outdoor casual and sophisticated entertaining options. The…

Acrylic Punch Ladle

Acrylic Punch Ladle  $7.95

Sturdy and clear acrylic construction. 13".…

Allure Glass Pitcher | 1.8L

Allure Glass Pitcher | 1.8L  $39.95

Clear glass meets a stunning silhouette for a beautiful, elegant table top presentation. Handcrafted in Poland. Pitcher, 1.8L (1.9qt), 32cm (12.5") H,…

BIA Farmhouse Pitcher

BIA Farmhouse Pitcher  $24.95

Pitcher, 1.2L, eggshell white, porcelain. Bring a vintage style and warmth to the kitchen whether serving beverages, storing utensils or…

Elixir 5pc Whisky Decanter & Glass Set

Elixir 5pc Whisky Decanter & Glass Set  $64.95

Whisky set, luxury article for the bar. Air tight solid stopper. 1 decanter and 4 glasses. Diameter: 3 1/2'' -…

Glass Pitcher | Simplicity Classic Sangria

Glass Pitcher | Simplicity Classic Sangria  $54.95

Sangria Pitcher, 2.2L (2.3qt), 20cm (8") H, glass. Clear glass meets a stunning, rounded silhouette, perfect to serve sangria…

GurglePot | 42oz Kiwi

GurglePot | 42oz Kiwi  $44.95

42oz. Beautiful Serving Water Pitcher. Produces whimsical gurgling sound. Crafted of durable stoneware. Capacity 42 oz. Size 9.5"H, 4"W, 6.75"L Gurgles…

Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher  $39.95

Fun and innovative, the Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Prodyne offers a unique serving experience. Fill the removable infusion rod with…

Icy Whiskey Decanter | 0.75L

Icy Whiskey Decanter | 0.75L  $39.95

There is no finer way to serve your best whiskey than from this Icy square whiskey decanter. Beautifully crafted with…

Kilner Beverage Server | 3L

Kilner Beverage Server | 3L  $32.95

With the Kilner brand embossed in the front, this beverage server is perfect for serving and infusing various types of…

Kilner Clip-Top Drink Dispenser | 8L

Kilner Clip-Top Drink Dispenser | 8L  $49.95

Perfect for all types of beverages. Air-tight clip-top lid keeps liquids fresh. Easy-flow tap keeps the drinks flowing.…

Le Creuset Pitcher | 1.5L | Oyster

Le Creuset Pitcher | 1.5L | Oyster  $79.95

Dress up your casual lunch or dinner table setting with this pitcher. Its durable material, embossed rings and vibrant colour…

Linea Fridge Jug | Glass Pitcher | 1.87L

Linea Fridge Jug | Glass Pitcher | 1.87L  $9.95

63.4oz / 1.875L Glass. Conveniently fits in the refrigerator door.…

Marble Whisky Decanter | 750mL

Marble Whisky Decanter | 750mL  $99.95

Dishwasher safe. Lead-free crystal. Made in Czech Republic.…

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Pitcher

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Pitcher  $59.95

1.2L. 42oz. 7.5"H, 19cm. This stylish Bossa Nova Cut Crystal Glass Pitcher is lead free and made in…

Nachtmann Noblesse 3pc Whisky Decanter Set | Scotch | Whiskey

Nachtmann Noblesse 3pc Whisky Decanter Set | Scotch | Whiskey  $189.95

The NOBLESSE Barware Set brings a touch of luxury to your home. Aesthetic and beautifully cut from the finest crystal,…

Natural Living Glass Mini Carafe

Natural Living Glass Mini Carafe  $24.95

Clear glass meets a stunning silhouette for a beautiful, elegant table top presentation. Handcrafted in Poland. Mini Carafe,…

Porcelain Pitcher 34oz

Porcelain Pitcher 34oz  $9.95

Pitcher, 34oz / 1L, white, porcelain. Microwave & dishwasher safe.…

Pump Carafe | 64oz

Pump Carafe | 64oz  $39.95

Strong carrying handle Large opening for easy filling Lockable pump 64oz Glass vacuum…

Pump Coffee Carafe | 64oz | Black

Pump Coffee Carafe | 64oz | Black  $39.95

Vacuum insulated. 12 hour heat retention.…

Quadro Whisky Decanter | Liqueur 500mL

Quadro Whisky Decanter | Liqueur 500mL  $69.95

Designed for value and high quality, this beautiful Whiskey decanter is elegant and eye catching with it's contemporary square twisted…

Quail Pitcher | 1.5L

Quail Pitcher | 1.5L  $19.95

50oz / 1.5L, white porcelain.…

Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe | 750ml

Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe | 750ml  $28.95

An upscale addition to the bar and celebration table, the Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe is truly for the wine mavens.…

Wine Decanter | Carafe | 1L

Wine Decanter | Carafe | 1L  $44.95

1L, 20.5cm (8") H, glass. The narrow neck and wide-bodied shape provides maximum aeration, releasing and enhancing aromas and…

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