Outset Prep Trays | Set of 2
This set of two grill prep trays make prepping and serving your next BBQ a breeze. The trays are strong and lightweight so they can support larger servings while still being easy to transport. The textured and grooved base keeps food in place and retains juices. Color-coding makes it so you do not cross contaminate raw and cooked food, ideal for prepping and serving After everyone is fed and happy just hand wash or put them trays in the dishwasher. With the melamine construction you never have to worry about odors or flavors sticking around.

Speciality base: the textured base of the grill prep trays prevent your meat, seafood, or vegetables from sliding while carrying it to and from the grill, the ridges and grooves also retain juices to help you make the best meal possible.
Lightweight: can be transported with just one hand but has 2-handles for those larger servings, still sturdy enough to support large portions of steaks and seafood, our specialty base makes moving to and from the grill with one hand even easier by keeping things in place on the tray.
Color coded colored orange and black so you can safely keep raw and cooked meats separated to prevent cross contamination, perfect for prepping on one BBQ tray and serving on the other.
Long lasting: the melamine trays do not absorb flavors or odors like other trays might, dishwasher safe for deeper cleaning prep and serve you food knowing the last meal isn't sticking around.
Care and measurements: grilling prep trays nest for easy storage and are dishwasher safe measures 10.65 in. x 10.65 in., best for sides and smaller meals.