CREO Smartglass Baking Dish
Large Baking Dish, 3.7qt / 3.5L, blue, borosilicate glass and ceramic.

Ideal for cobblers, casseroles, lasagnas, roasts and more. Designed to promote even heat distribution and browning for excellent results. Crafted to be highly resistant to thermal shock through the first-ever combination of a tempered borosilicate glass interior and ceramic exterior. Smartglass™ pieces can go up to 450°F/232°C, which helps ease caramelization in your favorite dishes. The final touch is a beautiful yet durable ceramic exterior in a picture-perfect color that complements your creativity and helps set the mood tableside.

Oven, microwave, freezer anddishwasher safe. Gift boxed.
Dimensions: 7.00 x 26.30 x 39.00 cm