New Products For January

These are only a few of the new and unique items available at GRATE.

Rainbow Glo Assorted Colors Wine Glasses | Set of 4

Brighten up your meals with this set of colored crystal wine glasses. Available in an assortment of colors, these are excellent universal drinking glasses when you are planning a luncheon or Thanksgiving dinner. These colored drinking glasses feature line carvings all around the bowl to add more character to their design. Each family member can choose the color of their choice for a personal dining experience. These will be a great gift for various special occasions to show your love for your dear ones. Set of 4 assorted colors stemmed glasses: Amber, Smoke, Rose, and Blue. 470 ml. 16.5 oz. Durable enough for daily use and fashionable enough special events. Hand wash recommended. Mouth-blown, hand-cut. Lead-free crystal.



Tourbillon Wine Aerating Stemless Tumblers | Set of 2

Amplify the nutty bouquet and flavour of the wine with the Tourbillon Wine Aerating Stemless Tumbler. When poured, the wine slides through the gentle twists and turn of the glass aerator stemless tumbler. Watching the wine cascade creates a beautiful visual sight for all the wine connoisseurs. The curvaceous silhouette of the glass also offers an excellent grip. These stemless wine glasses come in a set of two. Enhances the flavour and scent of wine. Just by filling your glass and swirling your wine, the "waves" help to open up the bouquet and aerate the wine. Stemless glass with twisted silhouette offers excellent grip and upscale appeal. Dishwasher safe. 250mL each.



Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe | 750ml

An upscale addition to the bar and celebration table, the Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe is truly for the wine mavens. Designed with turns and twists, it serves as a wine decanter as well as wine aerator, enhancing the flavour and aroma of the wine. When poured, the wine cascades towards the bottom, creating a beautiful scene to watch. The extra-wide spout allows easy pouring and flow of wine into the glass carafe. Intensifies the scent of the wine. Gives wine smooth finishing taste. Stunning curves and swirls offer better grip and chic appeal to the carafe. Open spout makes pouring wine easy. Aerates your wine twice: once when you pour it in and again when you serve your guests. Dishwasher safe.



OXO Etched Fine Grater | Rasp Zester

Etched Zester, stainless steel. Perfect for zesting citrus and grating hard cheese and spices. Sharp, etched stainless-steel blade. Includes a protective cover for safe storage.



12pc Cookie Decorating Set

This set has all the pieces to make and decorate cookies for any festive occasion. Set includes: 2 Silicone Decorating / Piping Bags, 4 stainless steel cookie cutters, 4 stainless steel decorating tips, and 2 tip couplers. Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipes included. Beautifully boxed and ready to gift.



ALPINE Acacia Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board, 2cm x 33cm dia, acacia. Beautifully and organically shaped to serve cheese, charcuterie, fruits and other accoutrements. Made of acacia wood, a sustainable, richly grained wood prized for its density, hardness and uniquely patterned glow. Hand wash.



Squeasy Snacker | 6oz Pink

The Squeasy Snacker™ is the most versatile reusable food pouch on the market. It was designed by parents for parents to provide easy feeding on-the-go™. It is the only food pouch that offers the patent pending 2-in-1 removable NO SPILL INSERT™ for no spill or free flow. It not only works great for purees, smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, etc., but it also prevents spills when serving water and juice unlike other food pouches. Easy to fill: Features a wide opening. The collar and spout are easy to grip for opening and closing. Easy to use: Simply fill with delicious blends of freshly pureed food, applesauce, yogurt, water or juice, etc. Easy to clean: The bottle can be turned inside out and all parts are top rack dishwasher safe. • 100% Food Grade Non-Toxic Materials. • BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free. • Squeeze, Enjoy, Clean, and Re-use.



Tea Cosy | Pekoe Cat

Curled up critters keep your teapots snug and warm. Made from insulated cotton and featuring a loop hook for easy hanging, teatime has never been so cozy. 100% cotton cover, 100% polyester fill. W13.5 x L11".



Insulated Food Jar | Flamingos

This double walled stainless steel food jar keeps food hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours, all while looking rather charming. Double walled Stainless Steel. 350ml / 12 oz. Do not microwave. Hand wash only.