1 Cup Finger Trigger Flour Sifter

1 Cup Finger Trigger Flour Sifter  $16.95

This classically styled, one cup, one-handed sifter from Fox Run has been a favorite of bakers for decades. Just squeeze…

12pc Cookie Decorating Set

12pc Cookie Decorating Set  $22.95

This set has all the pieces to make and decorate cookies for any festive occasion. Set includes: 2 Silicone Decorating…

16" Disposable Icing Bags | 3pk

16" Disposable Icing Bags | 3pk  $4.49

Love decorating your baked goods, but hate the hassle-filled clean-up afterwards? This set of three icing bags each provide a…

1M Open Star Piping Tip

1M Open Star Piping Tip  $4.49

The perfect cupcake swirl is easier than you think! Your desserts will be instant classics with this 1M open star…

28pc Chocolate Mold & Mini Cutter Set

28pc Chocolate Mold & Mini Cutter Set  $16.95

A delightful tin-plated set to make chocolate candy with varying designs and shapes. 16 one-inch cookie cutters that can be…

3-Tier Customizable Iron Treat Stand

3-Tier Customizable Iron Treat Stand  $54.95

13". This classic dessert stand is a beautiful way to display cookies, cupcakes, mini cakes, pastries and other delicious desserts.…

3pc Chocolate Dipping Set

3pc Chocolate Dipping Set  $19.95

This 3-Piece Chocolate Dipping Set is the perfect addition to any baker's toolkit for handmade chocolate and candy making. Each…

3pc Extra Large Decorating Tip Set

3pc Extra Large Decorating Tip Set  $10.95

Do you love making big and bold cake decorations? This 3-piece decorating tip set is for you! It includes extra-large…

4 Cup Crank Flour Sifter

4 Cup Crank Flour Sifter  $24.95

The finer your dry ingredients are, the better your baking will be. To ensure that only the finest elements go…

4 Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

4 Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter  $21.95

This durable stainless steel sifter will easily remove lumps from flours and sugars. Featuring a double mesh screen, its stainless…

4-in-1 Apple Machine

4-in-1 Apple Machine  $34.95

Here is the all-in-one tool ideal to prepare apples in different ways. It peels, slices and cores apples simultaneously and…

5pc Dough Press Set | Perogie Makers

5pc Dough Press Set | Perogie Makers  $13.95

Great for calzones, fruit pies, perogies, dumplings and more! 5 different sizes: 2.46'' (6.25 cm) 3.34'' (8.50 cm) 4.13'' (10.5 cm) 4.92'' (12.5 cm) 6.89''…

6pc Double Sided Cookie | Biscuit Cutter Set

6pc Double Sided Cookie | Biscuit Cutter Set  $16.95

Tin-plated steel 6 piece double sided round biscuit cutter set. One side of each cutter is plain and the other…

7pc Decorating Set

7pc Decorating Set  $24.95

This pastry decoration offers in one package all the tools to decorate cakes, muffins, and cupcakes like a pro. The…

8-slice Pie Marker

8-slice Pie Marker  $19.95

Pie Marker scores pies with a visible guideline for cutting 8 even slices. This tool works for 9" pies or…

Apple Peeling Machine | Corer | Slicer

Apple Peeling Machine | Corer | Slicer  $49.95

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! With this handy tool, you're going to crave the delightful taste of…

Biscuit Cutters | Set of 4

Biscuit Cutters | Set of 4  $12.95

Our set of 4 stainless-steel biscuit cutters is a must-have for every baker. With sharp rims that slice through soft…

Box of Chocolates Silicone Candy Mold

Box of Chocolates Silicone Candy Mold  $17.95

Make homemade chocolates, perfect for gifting. Melt right in the mold using the Box of Chocolates Silicone Candy Mold. Just…

Brown Sugar Bear

Brown Sugar Bear  $5.95

Brown Sugar Bear - Simply soak it in warm water for 20 minutes, then place it in the brown sugar.…

Cake Tester | Assorted Colors

Cake Tester | Assorted Colors  $1.99

This easy to use cake tester from Fox Run is made from durable tin with a plastic handle and measures…

Cannoli Forms | Set of 4

Cannoli Forms | Set of 4  $7.95

Surprise! They help form cannolis.…

Ceramic Pie Weights | 10.5oz Container

Ceramic Pie Weights | 10.5oz Container  $11.95

Better than beans and more hygienic than metal pie chains, these small round ceramic weights are a great way to…

Ceramic Pinch Bowls | Set of 6

Ceramic Pinch Bowls | Set of 6  $21.95

Keep all ingredients close at hand like professional chefs with these pinch bowls. Add a pinch of this and dash…

Ceramic Pinch Bowls | Set of 6 | Hearts

Ceramic Pinch Bowls | Set of 6 | Hearts  $27.95

A pinch of sweetness and a sprinkle of spice is always at hand with these theme-shaped bowls. 3.75x3.75x1. Stoneware.…

Chef's Planet 30" Ovenliner

Chef's Planet 30" Ovenliner  $39.95

What exactly is an Ovenliner? Well, it's a time saver. A drip blocker. A crumb catcher. A spill protector. A…

Chinois Set 3pc

Chinois Set 3pc  $89.95

This 3 Piece Chinois Set includes an 18/8 stainless steel chinois, a wooden pestle, and a chrome stand. The chinois…

Cloud Ceramic Baking Cups | Set of 6

Cloud Ceramic Baking Cups | Set of 6  $19.95

Adds a soft touch of colour to your cupcakes with these adorable baking cups. Made from durable stoneware, they're perfect…

Cookie & Donut Cutter

Cookie & Donut Cutter  $19.95

Norpro Stainless Steel Donut Biscuit Cutter. Two tools in one. Remove the center to make light fluffy biscuits and keep…

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