5pc Home Canning Accessory Set

5pc Home Canning Accessory Set  $29.95

Canning and preserving couldn't be easier with this five piece canning accessory set. Each of the five tools will make…

Cuisipro 3-in-1 Funnel Set

Cuisipro 3-in-1 Funnel Set  $14.95

The 3-in-1 Funnel Set from Cuisipro breaks apart into three specialized funnels to handle any size job in the kitchen.…

Fido Glass Jar 1.6L

Fido Glass Jar 1.6L  $12.95

Air-tight. Capacity: 54 3/4 oz Height: 8 3/4" Diameter: 4 1/4"…

Fido Glass Jar 2L

Fido Glass Jar 2L  $16.95

Air-tight. Capacity: 72 oz Height: 8-1/2" Diameter: 5"…

Fido Glass Jar 3L

Fido Glass Jar 3L  $18.95

Air-tight. Capacity: 102 3/4 oz Height: 9 1/2" Diameter: 5 1/2"…

Fido Glass Jar 4L

Fido Glass Jar 4L  $24.95

Air-tight. Capacity: 137 1/4 oz Height: 11" Diameter: 6-1/4"…

Jam & Jelly Strainer Set

Jam & Jelly Strainer Set  $14.95

This wonderful Jelly Strainer comes with a sturdy metal stand and a reusable mesh filter bag. That's all you need…

Krona Stovetop Steamer / Juicer

Krona Stovetop Steamer / Juicer  $289.95

Krona S/S Steamer/Juicer. 15.25"/39cm Total Height. Extremely Versatile, Multi-Purpose, Professional Gauge Stainless Steel Steamer And Juicer. …

Magnetic Canning Lid Wand

Magnetic Canning Lid Wand  $4.95

Use this handy Magentic Wand to easily grab your canning lids from the boiling water. Keep the lids hot right…

Stovetop Steamer | Juicer

Stovetop Steamer | Juicer  $279.95

Extremely versatile, multi-purpose, professional gauge stainless steel steamer and juicer. With encapsulated base to provide even heating. Oven-safe to 400°F/205°C. A…

Under Cabinet Jar Opener | Jar Vise

Under Cabinet Jar Opener | Jar Vise  $9.95

The Fox Run Under Cabinet Jar Vise is made to open those tough jars that just won't budge. Open most…

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel  $4.95

Perfect for the home canner. This Wide Mouth Canning Funnel is constructed of durable plastic. It features a 4.75" top…

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel | Stainless Steel

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel | Stainless Steel  $18.95

Stainless Steel. 5.75" diameter top. 2.25" diameter mouth.…

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