New Products For January

These are only a few of the new and unique items available at GRATE.

Bacon Bin XL | Grease Holder

Our best-selling Bacon Bin has just gotten bigger! Bacon Bin XL holds TWO cups of bacon grease, doubling what the original Bacon Bin can hold. Save your household pipes and sewer! Pour bacon fat down the Bacon Bin XL not down the sink. The removable strainer keeps bacon bits out of the grease in case you want to reuse the grease for cooking. If you want to discard the grease, simply fill up the Bacon Bin XL, place it in the fridge to congeal the grease and then squeeze it out into the garbage. Keeps grease fresh for cooking. Allows for easy disposal of cooled grease. BPA Free, FDA-approved silicone. Dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwave safe. Safe up to 500° F.



Vintage Inspired Silicone Spatula

Durable spatula mixes, folds, and blends. The top corner is angled to fit in tight spots and to get every last drop. Beautiful wood-inspired nylon handle. Decorative and patterned silicone end. 12" long. BPA-free, FDA-safe nylon, and silicone. Dishwasher safe. Safe up to 400°F.



Vintage Inspired Mixing Spoon

Durable spoon mixes, folds, and blends. Beautiful wood-inspired nylon handle. Rich navy blue. 12" long. BPA-free, FDA-safe nylon, and silicone. Dishwasher safe. Safe up to 400°F.



Natural Living 7" Acacia Mini Spreader

Ideal for spreading soft cheeses, dips, condiments, butters, jams and more. Made of acacia wood, a sustainable, richly grained wood prized for its density, hardness and uniquely patterned glow. Resists water penetration and will not absorb stains or odours. Hand-wash. Not for use in the microwave or dishwasher. Do not soak or submerge in water.



OXO POP 2.0 Round Containers | Canisters | Set of 3

Round Containers, set of 3, BPA free. Helps keep counters organized and the push button lid seals the container for airtight freshness. Each size is perfectly calibrated to store common household staples including cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, coffee, nuts, snacks and more. Containers nest for space efficient storage. Set includes: 1 x 4.9L (5.2qt), 1 x 3.1L (3.3qt), 1 x 1.4L ( 1.5qt). Dishwasher safe.



Recipe Card Box | Adeline

Pretty on display, and easy to tuck away, these recipe card boxes make your favorites easy to find and inspire you to add new recipes to your repertoire. Includes 30 recipe cards and 8 section dividers. Recycled Hard Board / Recycled Cotton Paper.



Cuisipro Roast & Serve Rack | Stainless

The award-winning Roast & Serve makes transporting and serving a roast or bird much easier. With one motion easily transport meat from roasting pan to serving tray. Transport meat from roasting pan to serving platter or cutting board. One motion – no awkward lifters. Large handles for easy lifting with oven mitts. Folds for easy storage. Removable pin to disassemble rack. Holds up to a 25 lb/11 kg bird or roast. Fits 16 x 13”/41 x 33 cm rectangular roasting pan. Hand wash recommended.



Ricardo Magic Bag Sealer Sticks | Set of 6

Fastest Way To Seal A Bag! Super easy to use. Just fold the top of a bag and slide on a bag sealer stick. These sealing sticks for bags create an airtight seal, preserving food’s freshness. The set of six sealers comes in three lengths: 7", 8.8" and 11".



Ricardo Apple Slicer | Divider | Corer

This ultra-safe apple slicer is ideal for preparing lunch snacks or simplifying apple-pie duty in the fall. It’s equipped with a holder for easily removing the core, seeds and inner fibre from the apple, and is designed to produce 16 thin, perfectly equal slices.